Photographs by David J Segelstein

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My photography centers around nature - primarily animals, landscapes, and seascapes. However, I have explored other areas as well - street photography, abstract, sill life, macro, motion, architectural scenes, and astrophotography.

I have been photographing for more than 50 years.  I remember my first photograph - it was taken at the zoo (a giraffe) with a cheap Polaroid camera.  Since then I have used several film cameras, including my father's Leica IIIf, a Nikkormat FTN, and a Nikon F4.  Since moving to digital, I've used a Nikon D70, D2XS, D800E, and now a Nikon D850 and D500.

I like to be thoughtful about my photography, sometimes taking up projects to address some of my weaknesses.   I'm always trying to grow in my creativity, and I'm interested in exploring new approaches, new subjects, and new techniques.  My main photo editing application had been Apple Aperture for many years, but with Apple abandoning support, I've moved to using Lightroom.   I dislike significant photo manipulation, but I occasionally use various software plug-ins for modest effects.

I hope you enjoy my photographs. Please contact me ( if you have any comments or questions.

- David

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